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Sustainable Communities

What makes a community sustainable? That’s the million dollar question. The list of pressing issues for communities will vary from town to town, but WVSC is willing to propose a few good places to get started. Do you think your community will be a great place to live, work, and play in 50 years?

Read more to discover some tell-tale signs that your hometown is a burgeoning sustainable community.

"Sustainability 101" section is where you find the most popularized definition of sustainability, along with some useful websites to learn more about the concept.

" Model Sustainable Community" section portrays what common features may be found in an advanced sustainable community.  However, the list of features proposed in this section is neither all-encompassing nor required of a sustainable community.

" Our Members" section of this website introduces the member communities working to become more sustainable.  Communities enter our program at different levels of understanding for sustainability, but progress within the same Step-By-Step Process.  To volunteer for a WVSC member or to read about them, follow this link.