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Steering Team

The program is managed with guidance from a group of stakeholders, who are interested in making WVSC the most useful and comprehensive source for community sustainability in the country (not just the state). The Team discusses the initiative’s progress and future course at a semi-weekly conference call and meets approximately quarterly to provide in-depth review of the program. They are also responsible as ambassadors of the WVSC initiative within their spheres of influence.

Currently, our Steering Team includes four individuals. WVSC may be recruiting other stakeholders from state agencies, institutions of higher education, municipal or county leadership, business community and more. If you are interested, please contact WVSC Program Manager, Tomoko Tamagawa at or 304-566-7332.

West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection
Contact: Gregory E. Adolfson, Sustainability Officer 866-568-6649 x1332
The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection is committed to protecting and improving the environmental quality of life for all West Virginia citizens, thus promoting a healthy environment. WVSC is a branded West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection program.

West Virginia Community Development Hub
Contact: Kent R. Spellman, Executive Director 304-566-7332
The West Virginia Community Development Hub is a statewide non-profit organization with the mission of engaging communities and service providers in an intentional, aligned and continual system of community development. WVSC is administered from the WV Community Development Hub office in Stonewood, West Virginia.

Bridgemont Community and Technical College
Contact: Matt Earnest, V.P. Economic and Workforce Development 304-734-6608
Bridgemont Community and Technical College offers degree programs and certificate/training courses to support the career goals of today’s students. Bridgemont provides the Sustainability Awareness Trainings to WVSC candidate communities and affiliates with financial support from the WV GreenUp Grant. For more information on the Sustainability 101 Trainings, [click here].

Travel Green Appalachia, Inc
Contact: Doug Arbogast, Principal 304-373-3669
Travel Green Appalachia supports, promotes, and demonstrates travel experience that focus on preservation and appreciation of Appalachia’s natural, cultural, and historic resource. It raises awareness for, and recognizes unique, place-based tourism providers.