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Alderson Green Team Welcomes WVSC

July 22, 2011

On July 18th, the Alderson Green Team invited the West Virginia Sustainable Communities (WVSC) to present at its monthly meeting. A group of 8 – 9 local residents and WVSC program manager gathered at the Downstream Strategies office to consider a possible future collaboration.

The Alderson Green Team met for the first time at the end of April 2011. Since its inception, the group has grown in size to include stakeholders from both the private and public sectors. During the 50th annual July 4th celebration, members of the Green Team promoted energy independence and economic security with floats, banners, and recycling bins.

In an effort to continue the team’s momentum beyond the ARC Community Energy Planning grant period, the Alderson Green Team has been considering joining the WVSC program. Rory McIlmoil of Downstream Strategies connected the program with the Team in June, at which point the team members requested to meet the WVSC Program Manager in person to ask some pertinent questions.

At this July 18th meeting, the group posed questions about required volunteer hours, details about the program process, and the types of support WVSC offers to member communities. After 15 months of serving the public, WVSC recently underwent an organizational restructuring.  Alderson became the first community to formerly welcome a WVSC representative after this restructuring process.

In the coming weeks, WVSC and the Alderson Green Team will resume their conversation about Alderson’s membership in the program. The meeting on July 18th clarified many concerns and identified key questions to be answered before both parties could commit to one another.

Regardless of the decision concerning the WVSC membership, the Alderson Green Team will be working towards the drafting and adoption of a community energy action plan. The group is currently accepting comments from the public, and will host a finalizing and celebratory event in September.

For more information about the WVSC program, visit our website.  For more information about the Alderson Community Energy Planning, visit their website here.