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Get Connected

Disclaimer: This page is currently under construction.  Please come again to enjoy up-to-date contents.  In the future, you will be able to find the following information here:

  • How to join the WVSC initiative
  • How to join the Community Development Network & Sustainability Niche Network
  • How to support an existing WVSC member (partial content is available below)


Support an existing WVSC member

I'm on a local WVSC Team  
  Visit Base Camp Go!  
  Visit the Community Progress Page Go!  
I want to provide my opinion!
  Take a community survey! 
    City of Fairmont Go!  
    Fayette County Go!  
    Gilmer County Go!  
    Wyoming County Go!  
  I received a conservation kit!   
    Online Survey Go!  
    Paper Survey Call us 304-566-7332
I want to learn more about WVSC 
  WVSC Program Factsheet  Go!
  WVSC Facebook Group  Go!
  WVSC Twitter Account  Go! Get a preview
I want my community to become a WVSC member  
  Host a sustainability 101 workshop   Go! What is it?
  Send a letter of interest   Go!  
  Send a WVSC pledge  Go! Post-sustainability 101
  Find templates for letters of support  Go!  

To Join WVSC    

WVSC program would like to work with communities that are interested in learning about what it means to be more sustainable. If you would like to see your community become involved with WVSC, please fill out the form below, and send to:

West Virginia Community Development Hub
301 Water Street
Stonewood, WV 26301-4648

Your community will be considered after WVSC has reached out to our initial 20 focus communities.

WVSC Letter of Interest Form [Word]