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About Us

Before West Virginia Sustainable Communities came to life, West Virginia Sustainable Communities Project took the first try at increasing community awareness for all things sustainable. WVSCP was a joint venture of the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection, the Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation, and the Student Conservation Association, Inc. WVSCP recruited interns from across the country to conduct environmental outreach at local schools, and community events. Some of the most popular events included the Compact Fluorescent Light campaign and the Home Conservation Fairs at community centers.

While WVSCP is an inspirational starting point for the current West Virginia Sustainable Communities (WVSC) initiative, much has changed. WVSC balances bottom-up and top-down approach to encourage collaboration around enhanced sustainability of a community. In this context, sustainability is making the most of our lives by balancing the economic, social, and environmental well-being of our communities.

Member communities will commit to creating a Sustainability Action Plan for the community, convening a group of citizens and local leaders under the title of Sustainability Team, and to continue a path towards attain incremental improvements towards becoming the Model Sustainable Community.

WVSC is the yellow brick road to guide communities through this journey. To learn more about the initiative, its resources, and the WVSC Step-By-Step process, continue on here (link is currently disabled).

WVSC Factsheet [PDF]

WCSC Focus Communities [PDF]

literature table at WVSC RSAT Charleston event.