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Hub's Vision, MissionGuiding Principles and Values 


The Hub Envisions a system of community development that is locally-directed, continuous, intentional, and aligned across all three sectors of society (public, private and civil).


The West Virginia Community Development Hub seeks to engage and support communities and stakeholders in an intentional, aligned, and continuous system of community development as a catalyst, liaison, capacity builder, and resource intermediary.

Guiding Principles and Values

The Board of Directors and Staff of the West Virginia Community Development Hub believe that community development requires:

• A continuous, intentional, aligned, systemic approach involving all three sectors of society (public, private and civil).
• Local determination that is respectful of local culture, heritage and values, and begins with local investment and commitment.
• A foundation of relationships based on optimism, open communication, willing collaboration, and mutual respect.
• Diverse leadership that is allowed to take many forms and arise from many sources within the community.
• Champions who embrace creativity, innovation, lifelong learning and a willingness to take risks.