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Strengthening Our Communities

What Do We Mean By Community Development?
  • Community development is the process of a community strengthening itself and developing towards its full potential.
  • Community development is a broad term applied to the practices and disciplines of civic leaders, activists, involved citizens and professionals to improve various aspects of local community life.
  • Community development strengthens interaction between, communication among, and collective mobilization of, community members.
  • Community development establishes relationships and networks between diverse community members.
  • Community development seeks to empower individuals and groups of people by providing them with the skills, resources and technical assistance they need to effect change in their own communities.

10 ways to build community from pomegranite center


 Communities of Achievement Program

The West Virginia Community Development Hub is pleased to announce its Communities of Achievement Program (CAP).

CAP will connect 10 West Virginia communities with coaching, training, technical assistance, funding, and opportunities to help them improve their communities. Working with Community Leadership Teams (CLTs) from each community, CAP will:

• Connect them with an experienced community coach who will mentor, guide and motivate them to success.

• Provide them dynamic, performance-based training that will help them define their project goals in measurable terms, and give them tools to effectively lead their teams and communities through change.

• Provide project-specific technical assistance and on-site support to the communities as they work on their project.

• Connect the CLTs with a variety of community development opportunities in areas such as local food systems, childhood obesity, e-commerce entrepreneurship, dilapidated structure remediation, technology adoption, substance abuse and more.

• Provide support by Hub staff to handle logistics, maintain progress reports and financial records, and hire and monitor coaches consultants and technical assistance providers.

• Connect CLTs with one another to provide peer support, share best practices, motivate the teams toward success, and celebrate progress.

• Provide training, support and technical assistance in energy efficiency and community sustainability through the West Virginia Sustainable Communities program.

In order to participate in CAP, each community must have an engaged community leadership team in place; have completed a visioning, assessment and planning process and have a viable plan in place; have selected a significant community development project as its main focus; and made a commitment of financial contribution and volunteer time to CAP.

The Hub’s application requested $275,000, but a reduced award maximum resulted in the award to the Hub being reduced to $251,706.

The Communities of Achievement Program will be strenuously evaluated on the communities’ success in achieving the goals they set for their project. The program will also be evaluated on its ability to engage the communities in other community development opportunities. The CLTs will be encouraged to develop other local teams in order to broaden civic engagement and build capacity to take advantage of these opportunities.

To view the Communities of Achievement Program overview, click here.

To view the Communities of Achievement Program revised budget, click here