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Community Development Model

The West Virginia Community Development Model was developed over the course of several years as a result of research into why West Virginia’s communities continue to struggle, and why the State continues to rank near the bottom in so many quality of life measurements.

The Model is a two-dimensional illustration of a process that is obviously not as simple or as clean as the illustration, and is actually four-dimensional. Experience shows that communities enter the Model in a wide variety of ways and in a wide variety of places, and that their progress through the Model is unpredictable, but the elements of the process illustrated has been shown to be effective and necessary for sustainable community development.

To learn more about the Model, click on its components.

Adopted by the Community Development Gathering - August 31, 2006

Community Development Model

Local Steering Team
Engaged Citizen
Community Coaching
Capacity Assessment
Capacity Building
Leadership Development
Organizational Development
Social Capital Development
Resource Development